About GAR

After Grant Approval

Follow-up Action Required

Recipients of non-endowment grants must submit a report to GAR at the completion of the project or within one year of the grant payment. The report is meant to help grant recipients describe how objectives were attained throughout the period. When a grant is awarded, the designated GAR program officer will provide a format for the report and request specific reporting dates.

In all cases, written approval must be obtained from GAR before any unspent grant funds are diverted to activities other than those identified in the original grant award. 

About Challenge Grants

GAR Foundation sometimes awards a challenge grant (sometimes called a "matching grant") when the fundraising benefit to the organization merits this approach.  As such, each grant award may come with specific requirements for meeting the challenge. For more information, please review our Challenge Grant FAQs (PDF).

Please download our form to record your donations that will meet the challenge requirements.

About Grants Awarded for Endowment

GAR Foundation will occasionally make grants for endowment, and you can find our endowment FAQs here. If you receive an award for endowment, your Board of trustees will be asked to make a resolution to accept the award according to GAR's policies.  For a form your board can use for this resolution, see Certified Resolution.

All recipients of grants for endowment must submit to GAR an annual certification of compliance with The GAR Foundation Policy Governing Grants for Endowment. View the Certificate of Compliance form.