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Application Deadlines

In order to apply for a grant, you must have received a GAR grant for the same purpose for which you are inquiring, within the previous five years. Otherwise, you must complete a Letter of Inquiry and be given approval by GAR staff to submit a full application. Please read our Letter of Inquiry procedures for more information.

The Distribution Committee reviews grant proposals four times a year. You may submit an application at any time during the year; however, applications will be reviewed in accordance with the following schedule:

Application Deadlines Review Meetings
February 1 May
February 20 for EIG Only* May
May 1 August
August 1 November
November 1 February

Applications must be received at GAR’s administrative offices by 5 p.m. on the deadline date to be eligible for review at the corresponding meeting.

We will notify applicants by mail when applications are received. In addition, we will send written notice of the distribution committee’s decision on each application within three weeks of the meeting at which the application is reviewed.

Education Grant Deadlines

The application deadline for funding requests of educational programs operating during the subsequent school year is February 1st. This deadline must be observed by school districts, individual schools and groups applying for grants on behalf of schools. The deadline also applies to all nonprofit organizations seeking support for educational programs.*

For example, the following applicants should submit their requests by February 1:

  • Organizations that provide tutoring during the school year to help students meet state-mandated academic standards
  • Arts organizations working with or through schools to provide students with increased exposure to and appreciation for the arts
  • Organizations making field trips or other off-campus programming designed to expand students’ educational experiences, available to K-12 schools

* Note: The Educator Initiative Grant [EIG] Program is a separate grant-making program exclusively for K-12 teachers, teaching teams and school-based initiatives. Please visit our Educator Initiative Grants page for more information.

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