About GAR

Basic Needs & Independence

GAR Foundation always has and always will support health and social service agencies serving Summit County.

In supporting this important work, GAR divides its grant funding into two specific categories: Community Care, and Community Catalyst.

Community Care Grants

Community Care grants are traditional charity grants targeting low-income populations.

Our Community Care grants priorities:

  • To support youth development programs that help at-risk young people define better futures for themselves
  • To support organizations which provide basic needs to people in crisis
  • For programs helping seniors remain in their homes
  • For organizations which provide health care to people at risk
  • To those who help address immediate housing needs of low-income families

Community Catalyst Grants

Community Catalyst grants support proactive, collaborative efforts.

Our Community Catalyst grants priorities:

  • To enhance the capacity, reach and effectiveness of multiple agencies or systems
  • To help address key community issues

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