About GAR


Established in 1967, the GAR Foundation was born of the philanthropic desire of the Roush family to support the needs of those in the local community.

Its founders, Galen and Ruth Roush, earned their fortune by starting and growing one of the nation’s largest trucking companies, Roadway Express Inc., based in Akron, Ohio.

The Roush’s attorney, Lisle Buckingham, designated half of the Roush estate to fund the GAR Foundation’s trust. He also served as GAR’s first trustee, along with Akron National Bank and Trust – which became National City Bank and later acquired by PNC.

Today, the GAR Foundation’s five-member distribution committee maintains the same composition as it has for the past four decades:

  • Three members from Roadway Express Inc. – either current or former officers
  • One member from the Roush family
  • One member from the law firm Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs

Meet the GAR Foundation Staff