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GAR Foundation awarded new grants totaling $6,862,780* to more than 128 non-profit organizations in 2013. This total includes payments made on prior year commitments or fulfilled challenge grants. 

The funds were distributed across GAR’s major areas of priority, while stabilizing the number of awards and overall total dollars granted to the community during economic recovery. Grant recipients used GAR funding to support their operations, deliver valuable programs and services, and provide need-based tuition assistance.  In the pages that follow, we list GAR grants awarded in the Foundation's major areas of giving over this past year.

Grants Awarded in 2014

Recently Awarded Capital Grants 

Recently Awarded Educator Initiative Grants

Awarded Grant Archive

For a complete list of awards given within each of GAR Foundation's priority strategies, please visit our Awarded Grant Archive.


*This total does not include employee matching gifts or discretionary grants. 

2013 Grants Awarded Total