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Types of Funding

GAR Foundation grants are most often awarded to organizations, programs and projects that foster the needs of the community and fall within our five primary areas of giving. Those areas are:

Education Basic Needs Civic Enhancement Arts and Culture

An organization may submit no more than one (1) application to GAR Foundation in a single calendar year. We do not typically award multi-year grants.

Other types of support not generally available from GAR include:

  • Event sponsorships
  • Support for medical research (see below for updated Guidelines for Health Care Systems)
  • Funding for computer hardware, software and related equipment in schools
  • Capital funding for churches or synagogues, unless funds would be used for the renovation or improvement of a building that is a cultural monument, or a site of social welfare programs critical to community wellbeing 

Guidelines for Grant Requests from Summit County Health Systems

GAR is committed to the advancement of key health and social service strategies, particularly for healthcare for low-income families. GAR is also committed to supporting programs and initiatives that help enable low-income seniors to live independently in their homes.

GAR understands local health systems can serve as highly effective, credible partners in advancing these health and social service strategies.

GAR Foundation will consider grant requests from local health systems for programs designed to advance its strategic priorities.

Proposals featuring collaboration across two or more health systems or demonstrating cost efficiencies will be given preference.

GAR will not generally favor requests from individual health systems for medical research, technology or equipment, other capital projects, or general operations.

Health systems must use the same letter of inquiry screening process used by all prospective GAR Foundation grantees.

Application Deadline Info


Letter of Inquiry

LOIs are reviewed on a weekly basis, so you may submit one at any time. Please visit our Letter of Inquiry page for detailed deadline information.  

January 6, 2014 

April 7, 2014 

July 8, 2014 

October 6, 2014 

Grant Applications

February 1, 2014 

May 1, 2014 

August 1, 2014 

November 1, 2014 

April 17, 2015 Capital requests only 

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